Here are some of the questions we get asked. Of course, you may have your own. Please feel free to ask us anything by contacting us directly.

What makes Resolve Capital Management different?

Many things, but here are three of the most important:

  • We are 100% independent and objective. We work only for you and only in your best interest.
  • We own the firm. There are no outside influences or pressures to push investment products. We are focused on your success. The only way we succeed is to help you succeed.
  • We are totally transparent. We help you understand exactly what you pay for. There are no hidden fees or contracts locking you into investments.

What’s a fiduciary?

A fiduciary has the highest ethical obligation to put your interests ahead of their compensation and any other considerations. Resolve Capital Management is a fiduciary – this is fundamental and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why do I need a wealth manager? Can’t I do all this myself?

Perhaps. But having a professional investment advisor with the planning and investing discipline to help align your financial goals with current market conditions can help greatly in keeping you on track to meet the objectives you wish to attain.

How does Resolve Capital Management earn its fee?

We base our fees on assets under management and our rates are competitive with other independent advisors. We do not sell investment products in order to get paid by the vendor offering them. We do not accept any commissions, referral fees, sales loads or other incentives from any third parties All compensation comes directly from our clients and is clearly and fully disclosed.

This fee-based compensation structure eliminates the potential for certain conflicts of interest. Our primary aim is to ensure the growth of your portfolios, and aligning our interests with yours is the most efficient way to achieve that goal. Our independence and objectivity are among our strongest competitive advantages. We work only for our clients and only in their best interests.

Who’s an ideal Resolve Capital Management client?

We have clients of all ages and outlooks. Our clients enjoy working with a firm that offers well thought out advice after taking the time to listen and understand their financial needs. Ease of communication and a full understanding of our business relationship provide our client’s with the confidence that we truly have their best interest at heart.